See Ford Fiesta's Design Features

The Ford Fiesta is a beloved subcompact car. In one, you will find substantial value contained in a small-car shell. We'd like to share with you now two of Ford Fiesta's superb design notes.

The Fiesta offers you a wide array of exterior paint shades this year. Use them to express your driving personality. You can choose from Hot Pepper Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Lightning Blue, White Platinum Metallic Tri-coat and seven other colors. 

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Style Comes Standard in the All New Ford EcoSport

Sacrificing style for necessity is a problem many people face, but not when you drive the new Ford EcoSport. You get both a stylish vehicle and one that features everything you need all in one affordable package.

Style comes standard in this vehicle. From the luxurious and spacious second row seats to the upgraded stereo system that comes standard in every vehicle.

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Everything's Smarter on the Ford C-MAX

Everything's smarter these days, and that's true with the features that are available on vehicles, too. The Ford C-MAX, a popular compact hybrid, has features that just make sense in a time when technology is making everything easier and smarter.

If you've always wanted to know how to trim money off the amount of gas that you need to use every month...

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Stay Alert in the 2018 Ford F-150

In the 2018 Ford F-150, you have the technology to stay safe and alert. This popular full-sized pickup truck is available with active monitoring features that keep track of your surroundings.

The Blind Spot Information System uses sensors located on both sides of the truck. When a vehicle gets into a spot where you can't see them through your mirrors, the system will alert you.

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Ford Focus EV Monitors Performance to Help Improve Your Driving Habits

Since its introduction, the Ford Focus EV has become a popular compact electronic vehicle for drivers who are concerned about their impact on the environment. The current model is even better thanks to the technological innovations that make driving the Focus more fun than ever.

Owning an electric vehicle is different than owning a gas-powered one. Let the friendly and knowledgeable staff members at Crump Reese Moab Ford, conveniently located in Moab, UT, help you learn how the Focus EV can fit into your lifestyle.


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The 2018 Ford Focus ST

The 2018 Ford Focus ST is a speedy and powerful hatchback. This car is popular with people who love a sporty vehicle. Owners are so devoted they even have ST Meet Ups. The unity of technology, performance and aesthetics really sets this vehicle apart.

Come see us at Crump Reese Moab Ford the next time you're in Moab, UT. The best way to understand this car's features is to take it for a spin. We'd love to hook you up with a test drive.


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Ford Flex Means Sophistication

If you have a crew to take along the Ford Flex is the perfect three-row midsize SUV for the job. This popular model combines and attractive exterior design with all of the interior features that you need to take the show on the road. Let's see some of the design features that make it so great.

The clean lines of the Ford Flex say sophistication from bumper to bumper. The chrome grille gives it the look of distinction. You can take advantage of natural light by popping open the multi-panel Vista sunroof. Wood finishes and leather-trimmed seats round out…

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The Mustang Always Announces Its Presence

You're tooling down the road and suddenly see a flash of bright color as a sporty muscle car purrs by you. Instantly recognizing this newcomer on the road as a Mustang, you wonder if now may be the time to purchase your own model of this iconic sports car.

The Mustang has been redesigned with a lower, flatter hood for better viewing of the road ahead and with all-new LED lighting on the exterior. The cloth convertible top is opened and closed by an electric center latch for quiet operation. You can choose from many wheel design packages...

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Key Aspects of the Ford Focus RS

Performance, Safety and Design: The Perks of a Ford

This limited edition 2018 Ford Focus RS combines a driver’s favorite things. It boasts powerful performance feature, innovative safety features and a slew of design elements that are sure to excite. To learn more about these features, check out our breakdown below!

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