Performance-Based Technology of the 2020 Ford Explorer

A lot of technology has gone into making sure the 2020 Ford Explorer is a huge improvement over the previous model year. One of the ways that technology has improved the Ford Explorer is in the engine and the performance of the vehicle. You are able to do more with the updated Explorer.

Rear-wheel drive is one of the features that make the Explorer sportier, not only in performance but also in design. With the engine and the design of the vehicle, you are able to drive better off-road. The maximum amount you can tow has been increased by 600 pounds.

Other things that you can use while you are taking the 2020 Ford Explorer out for a run are BLIS, a rear view camera, Lane Keeping System, and plenty of other features that will not only maximize your enjoyment of the Explorer but also make sure that you are driving safely.



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