Ford Escape is a Connectivity Powerhouse

The new Ford Escape is a trim and fit medium-sized SUV. This powerful vehicle offers all of the benefits of an SUV while providing the interior amenities of a luxury sedan. In addition to many safety and comfort promoting technologies, the new Escape also includes a slew of connectivity-centric technologies that can help passengers and drivers alike to stay linked.

The new Ford Escape includes driver informational systems such as GPS systems as well as 3–D map services. This vehicle makes interacting with these systems easy with built-in voice activation services that allow drivers to keep their hands on their wheels and their eyes on the roadways. The system can provide up-to-date and vital information that includes gas station locations, future weather forecasts, and traffic pattern information.

In addition to the driver guidance systems, the Ford Escape also provides passengers with a number of connectivity tools. Passengers can use smartphones and other devices with built-in Travel Link service. This service also allows passengers to link up with valuable services such as the Sirius XM Satellite Radio system. Entertainment hungry occupants will be more than thrilled by the available 150 satellite channels that feature offerings from a wide variety of genres.



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