Ford GoRide Service Gets Patients to Their Medical Appointments

Ford Service Gets You to Your Medical Appointments On Time!

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to get to your doctor’s appointment and didn’t have a ride? Your health is important! That is why Ford is launching its new GoRide non-emergency medical transportation service.

Serving more than 200 facilities across the Beaumont Health Network, this service will feature professionally-trained drivers to assist folks to their appointments. The vehicles that Ford will use will feature on-demand wheelchair service and properly outfitted transportation vans to accommodate a wide-range of guests.

In order to help with scheduling, this service allows folks to book their transportation 30 days in advance. That means that you can have your appointment all set up and taken care of with Ford’s on-time arrivals and departures. That should take a bit of the stress out of having to see the doctor and it will allow you to put your full focus on your appointment.

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